Dec 30 2012
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Эльмар Мамедъяров: «Мы неоднократно заявляли, что Азербайджан не позволит использовать свою территорию против Ирана».

Дело не в том, ЧТО заявляет Азербайджан. Дело в другом – ЧТО хотят слышать и ЧЕГО не хотят слышать в Иране. Если бы у них мозги находились в нужном месте, они бы уже после первого нашего заверения поняли это и закрыли бы вопрос.

Dec 30 2012
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When а few years ago a “modest” Armenian painter from the Russian town of Lipetsk, Armine Khachatryan, announced that she had miraculously decoded Leonardo da Vinchi, who, being an “Armenian” (another eyebrow-raising “discovery” of hers!), inserted in his famous “Mona Lisa” a coded message about, and the prediction of, the future “genocide” of 1915, I couldn’t help to laugh and wrote a sarcastic piece, after which my Armenian opponents attacked me in the local media and blamed me for not seeing “obvious” things. One of them even called me “blind” and recommended to turn to the oculist.

I “knew” that Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Herbert von Karajan and other prominent personalities were “Armenians” or at least claimed, without their knowledge, to be the ones, but by that time Leonardo was the most recent join.

Anyway, today I read that there is apparently a new addition to the list of “prominent Armenians”. And this time it is… well, click this link to see the story. And don’t laugh too much – it is evening, and your neighbors might be sleeping.

Well, it seems it is not me, but some other people who really need medical treatment, however hopeless it may be…

Dec 30 2012
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Interesting quotation:

“The ASALA terrorists who seized the Turkish consulate in Paris in September 1981 told the police that they were trained in Palestinian camps. Evidence exists that ‘extremist [Palestinian] fraction’ collaborated with ASALA in its bloody attack on the Ankara airport in August 1982. After its forces overran the PLO strongholds in Lebanon during the summer 1982, Israel reported that captured PLO documents confirmed the ASALA-PLO connection.
A detailed ‘Wall Street Journal Report’ stated that ASALA ‘trained with radical left-wing Palestinian groups (the PLFP and the PDFLP) and sent more than 100 members through Fatah’s schools for foreign terrorists in Hamouriah, south of Damascus, in Syria.”

Michael M. Gunter, “Transnational Sources of Support for Armenian Terrorists,” Conflict Quarterly, V-4, Fall 1985, p. 34.

Dec 12 2012
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With the closure of the Gabala station, the 200-year long Russian military presence in Azerbaijan (1813-2013) comes to an end!
Indeed, we are living through historic times!

Dec 06 2012
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Премьер-министр Австралии в эфире предупредила сограждан о конце света

Да уж. И эта страна с таким премьер-министром собиралась признать «нкр»? Вообще было бы замечательно, если бы законодательный совет австралийского штата Новый Южный Уэльс в своей недавней скандальной резолюции перед словами «призвать правительство Австралии официально признать независимость Нагорно-Карабахской Республики» добавил бы фразу «в связи с приближением конца света».

Dec 06 2012
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Комментарий к сообщению Россия скоро отменит признание «геноцида» армян?

Нет смысла отменять то, что утратило свою силу с выборами нового состава Государственной Думы. Не стоит путать бессрочные и обязательные к исполнению законы (которые, кстати, подписывает президент) с необязательными резолюциями, срок которых истекает в момент прекращения полномочий состава парламента, проголосовавшего за них. Поэтому на сегодняшний день Россия не является страной, признавшей «геноцид армян». Единственной такой страной является Франция, где в 2001 году был принят именно ЗАКОН, которую подписал президент Жак Ширак (резолюция принята в 1998 году). Чтобы быть такой страной, Россия должна либо переподтвердить утратившую силу резолюцию 1996 года на следующие 5 лет, либо же принять ЗАКОН, у которого нет срока и который действует, пока его не отменят.

Dec 04 2012
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Vahan Cardashian, “Should America Accept a Mandate for Armenia?”, in “America as Mandatary for Armenia”, New York, 1919.

“The Armenians are European Alpines by race, one of the three principal branches of the Aryan family, who left their home in southeastern Europe about 1300 years B. C, and emigrated into Asia Minor, where they are to be found principally between the Caucasus Mountains and Cilicia, on the Mediterranean, and where until 1375 they maintained independent or autonomous existence for a period of 2500 years.” (p. 27);

Thus, the author, himself being an Armenian, admits that his ancestors are not the indigenous people in the Armenian Plateau and that they migrated here from the Balkans.

“In considering the reduced number of the Armenians, it is well to consider also the fact that the Moslem elements in Armenia have suffered even more than the Armenians, particularly those in the regions which were invaded by Russia. In the Fall of 1917, the normal Turk and Kurd populations of about 551,000 in the provinces of Van, Bitlis, and Erzerum had been reduced to 96,000, and in the city of Diarbekir, out of a resident and refugee Moslem population of 63,000 only 6,000 were left.” (pp. 29-30).

One of the very few Armenians who admit that Moslems in Anatolia suffered terrible massacres, even worse than the Armenians.

Dec 04 2012
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«Москва, Ереван и Баку вполне могли сделать здесь свою политику, им было отпущено на это около 15 долгих лет, но золотое время тишины прошло впустую. Для того чтобы успокоить Баку, Вашингтону или Брюсселю будет достаточно просто ему намекнуть, что всё это делается ради дальнейшей реализации мадридских протоколов, и Азербайджану останется просто ждать у моря погоды. При этом Карабах крайне важен для США как естественный мощный противовес турецко-азербайджанскому блоку в регионе. Баку должен понимать, что только этот один аспект никогда не позволит Вашингтону сделать шаг в азербайджанскую сторону. Россия вообще ничего не сможет возразить, так как она, из трёх основных фигурантов, находится от проблемы дальше всех, в стороне и фактически не в теме», – сказал в интервью «Iаrex» российский политолог Григорий Трофимчук.

Полная чушь! Oсобенно «страх» США перед азербайджано-турецким блоком.

Dec 02 2012
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An interesting find:

“Regarding these [military] operations, I obtained from witnesses who came back recently from Armenia some information on how they are executed. In the south of Erivan, in the end of last June, the Armenian troops encircled 25 Tatar villages, inhabited by more than 40,000 Muslims. This population, too close to the capital city to have any designs of independence, had been always quiet and peaceful; she was expelled with cannons shots to the Arax and was forced to leave her villages, which were immediately occupied by [Armenian] refugees. In this affair, about 4,000 persons were put to death, including women and children, drowned by Armenian soliders in the Arax river.
It did not seem to me unnecessary to report these details, which show that this is not always ‘the same ones who are massacred.’”

Damien de Martel, French High Commissioner in the Caucasus, report to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, July 20, 1920 (archives du ministère des Affaires étrangères, microfilm P 16674).

Original French version:

«En ce qui concerne ces opérations [militaires], j’ai recueilli de témoins récemment rentrés d’Arménie quelques renseignements qui précisent la façon dont elles sont exécutées : au sud d’Erivan, à la fin de juin dernier, les troupes arméniennes ont cerné 25 villages tatares habités par plus de 40 000 musulmans. Cette population trop près de la capitale pour voir des velléités d’indépendance, avait toujours été calme et paisible ; elle fut chassée à coups de canon vers l’Arax et dut abandonner ses villages, qui furent immédiatement occupés par les réfugiés. Dans cette affaire, environ 4 000 personnes furent mises à mort, sans en excepter les femmes et les enfants, que les soldats arméniens noyaient dans l’Arax.
Il ne m’a pas paru inutile de rapporter ces détails qui montrent que ce ne sont pas toujours “les mêmes qui sont massacrés.”»

In Srebrenica, about 8000 people were killed. It was rightfully called a genocide. Such terrible events, which were described by Damien de Martel in this piece, had taken place throughout South Caucasus, and the numbers were higher for many times. While I understand that statistics is not always the strongest argument, still, why not call it genocide too, if Armenians stick their “genocide” notion everywhere?

What described above is a clearly genocidal act!

P.S. Special acknowledgment to Maxime Gauin for providing the reference.

Dec 02 2012
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While I disagree with some points, generally this piece is a little better than most of the garbage usually written by ignorant foreign journalists who visit the region or even write their articles without visit:

Factual mistakes in the article:

1) Kelbajar was not seized by “Karabakh militia”. It was attacked by Armenians from both sides (from east and west). Armenia’s armed forced invaded Azerbaijan from the west. This was the clear act of aggression. It is important to know this fact. The author, apparently, does not.

2) A big shortcoming of the article: foreign journalists always visit Armenian trenches and never go to the Azeri ones. They talk to the Armenian residents of Nagorno-Karabakh (presumably, thinking they ARE the only residents of the province) but never interview any single IDP from the Azeri 65.000-strong (1/3 of the population) community. This downgrades their articles to the level of lacking objectivity.

3) The population of Nagorno-Karabakh is not 140.000 people. The author counts only the Armenian community. In the late 1980s, when the conflict erupted, the population was roughly 187.000, out of which 142.000 were Armenians and 45.000 were Azeris. Since then, many Armenians moved either to Armenia or Russia, many emigrated to Europe and the US. De-facto, only some 50.000 people (Armenians), or even less (some experts mention 30.000), are physically present in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Azeri community after its expulsion grew up to 65.000, awaiting its return to Nagorno Karabakh. At any rate, the author obviously fails to count the Azeri community towards the province’s population. Too soon crossed out and sent to “archive” by the author.

4) Good that the author noted that the three conscripts sitting in the trench were from Yerevan. This crushes the Armenian propagandist denial of the country’s troops to have been deployed on the Azerbaijani soil (another proof of aggression and Armenia’s direct involvement).

5) It is not Shushi, it is Shusha. It is not Stepanakert, it is Khankendi. It is not Berdzor, it is Lachin.

6) Nagorno-Karabakh has no defense minister, nor does it have a president. Baku has never appointed anyone to such positions in the territory that is under its jurisdiction and is internationally recognized as such. All the self-appointments have no legal force. Movses Hakobian, Bako Sahakyan and Arkadi Ghukasyan are not the ones whom they call themselves in the article. Hakobian is just the illegal warlord, and the two others are the de-facto leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh’s Armenian community.

7) The ceasefire was signed on 12 May, not 16 May.

8 ) While stating that the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh were “unhappy at having been ruled from Baku (Azerbaijan) since 1921 after a Bolshevik decision”, the author fails to add that Azeri majority of Zangezur, Vedibasar valley, East Goycha and Amasiya were unhappy at having been left in Armenia and been ruled from Yerevan too.

9) “Having initially asked to join the former Soviet Republic of Armenia, the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh opted instead for independence in 1991. This allowed them to present the conflict as a struggle for national liberation rather than a territorial quarrel between countries”, the author writes. Well, the nature of the conflict remains purely territorial regardless of the change of the mask and terminology. The essence remains unchanged. Preliminary “independence” is considered the first stage towards the ultimate absorption into Armenia, which unveils the true core of the movement. It is a territorial claim of one state to another and not self-determination.

10) “We can say that in the past 20 years Nagorno-Karabakh has had many successes in establishing democratic institutions which meet international standards”, the author quotes Bako Sahakyan, the de-facto leader of Nagorno-Karabakh’s Armenian community. At the same time, he fails to add that this kind of “democracy” was built upon the forcible exclusion of the 1/3 of the population from the process of democracy building, which makes it resemble rather South Africa during the apartheid. The world will never recognize such a regime.

11) “Yerevan picks up the bill: two-thirds of the budget is provided by Armenia”, the author writes. Well, this is an inadvertent recognition of the fact that the initial goal is to unite NK with Armenia. Thus, there is no “self-determination”, but rather territorial claims covered with the “self-determination” terminology.

12) While writing about “ethnic cleansing in Sumgait in February 1988”, the author fails to mention about a far worse Azeri ethnic cleansing in Armenia throughout the Soviet-period history.

13) “The Armenians fear that such an attack would be the cue for an Azeri offensive against Karabakh”, the author argues. Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s territory occupied by Armenia. Azerbaijan cannot attack part of its territory. If the offensive comes, it will be against the foreign troops illegally deployed on the Azerbaijani soil.

14) Khojaly was not the first Armenian offensive against Azeri residents. A few weeks prior to the Khojaly massacre, there was a massacre in Garadaghly with almost 100 villagers killed by the Armenian military.

15) The whole “Tigranakert” story is bullshit! It is an unknown cathedral arbitrarily called by Armenians “Tigranakert”. There is no evidence this archaeological site to have any association with the mythological town. It is like finding something in the bottom of the ocean and calling it Atlántida.

16) “A degree of independence” was never topic of discussion, never mind “consent” by President Aliyev. Autonomy – yes, but not any degree of independence.

17) For some strange reason, the author adds “autocratic” before Ilham Aliyev but falls short doing the same before Serzh Sargsian. He must have forgotten that the latter came to power after having killed on the elections day (March 1, 2008) 10 opposition members.

18) Congratulations to the author for being included in the Foreign Ministry’s black list for having entered the territory of Azerbaijan without the proper Azerbaijani visa.